The first volume:  VOLUME I:  MARXÓLOGO

Economic, Political and Social Analysis of JOSÉ PORFIRIO MIRANDA. Here you can find the following books with the presentation of Mtro. Luis Brito Crabtree.


  1. Hunger and Thirst for Justice
  2. Change of Structures.
  3. Marx in Mexico
  4. The Christianity of Marx



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( In English it has been edited by Orbis Books)


This little booklet, first published in 1981, continues to have readers, and we are happy to go for another reprint in 2015.

This reprint has a prologue by Ernesto Cardenal, our Nicaraguan monk, a personal friend of Porfirio and a fighting companion.


In addition the prologue of this reprint has history. Ernesto lectured at the University of Rostock in northern Germany. At the end of the conference he said that what he had said could be found in a little book by Porfirio Miranda called Communism in the Bible.


This was the beginning for the edition of the book in German and of the prologue that for the same made up Ernesto.


You will also find the Biblical references with the page where they are found. As it already had the edition in English and that were missing in the edition in Spanish.


We are grateful for your interest in this «Manifesto» and look forward to reading the book will link you as our author in the commitment to justice.