Dear colleagues and friends!

Finally we celebrate the presentation of the complete work of Miranda. It was a warm event, full of philosophical content.


The presentation of Master Luis Brito received an unparalleled reception and attention. The conduction of Bertha Luján, made us all participate as listeners and as testimonies.


The opening of the event by Dr. Nateras rector of the university, emotional as exalumno of Porfirio, and noting the presence of colleagues from different units of the UAM.


Among the participant were Dr. Hugo Aboites, rector of the UACM, Dr. Mier and Terán rector of the university, with whom we celebrated the first anniversary of Miranda’s death and signed the UAM-CEFmiranda Agreement, which is valid till today.


Dr. Francisco Piñón, from UAM- I shared one of his beautiful writings dedicated to his colleague and friend. We also had many other friends and colleagues, who came from different places, such as Tuxtla Gutierrez Chiapas, UPN Tijuana, Querétaro, Torreón and our German translator Peter Storandt among others.


The room filled, and people were still coming in who had to settle for going to the attached room, since there was not place for one person more in the main room.


From the emails sent from Spain, U.S., Chile, Colombia, Germany, Argentina, Venezuela, we would like to share the one from his publisher in New York, and the one from his dear friend and fight partner in Chihuahua: Pilar Estrada.


Robert Ellsberg. Orbis Books.New York:


Dear Ma. Adela Oliveros de Miranda:


Thank you very much for this invitation, and congratulations on organizing such an important–and well-deserved–commemoration of Porfirio Miranda’s work. I am very glad to know that his work is remembered and studied. May it enlighten a new generation.


I wish I could be present. Unfortunately that is not possible. But I am deeply honored by your consideration in thinking of Orbis. Though I did not work with him directly, he has an honored place in our history.




Robert Ellsberg




Pilar Estrada

«The landscapes and history are similar:  both are better appreciated from a distance, and as time goes by we see that in Chihuahua the social landscape was made clear by the light of the brilliance of Porfirio, who gave a turn to the individual history of all that were lucky to have known him.


With his passion and intelligence he made us see the social injustice in all its dimension and from its root: the why of the lack of opportunities and the cancellation of all the doors of exit for the poorest.


How to become the same after Porfirio? That was impossible. We could never go back to being before, because our essence had been changed.

That was Porfirio: the definitive watershed in the lives of so many people, and at the same time the dear friend.

Pilar Estrada. Chihuahua.



In advance, we send you some photos taken by attendees. If you want to share your photos, we could upload them to this page as well.


The professional video, you can see it both on this page and on Facebook.

To you all thousands and thousands thanks for your interest in the Work and in the exhibition, your friendship, the warmth of your presence, and the enthusiasm we have felt and lived in the event.

Team CEFmiranda.