Library Author

Library Author

Library Author

Author’s library.

The Author’s Library (AL) of José Porfirio Miranda offers to

researchers access to more than 3000 books that compose it.

Procedure for acquiring a book from the Author’s Library

  1. Go to CEFmiranda educational Center in Temamatla Edo. De México or download the Library catalog.
  2. The interested party chooses by catalog the work that wishes to read or to consult.
  3. The librarian delivers a copy in pdf format.
  4. If the scan is of great magnitude, a time will be agreed for its delivery.

Virtual Request.

The request of the material can be made directly in the library or in virtual form through the mail

Place of reading.

Reading virtual books can be done in the attached library, next to the author’s library.

Book Log.

Every person who consults the Author’s library will sign the Book Log by putting date, book, chapters of the book or books that he / she demanded.

Library Restrictions.

Author’s Library books are not physically available to the public that requires them.

The only person who has direct access to them and can take them off their shelves is the librarian

Other people can access the book they want in a virtual or printed copy.



Download the catalog