Study Room

For the use of students and investigators who come to the Philosophy Center:

  • Study room with cubicles with a computer and access to wide band Internet.
  • Conference room with translation equipment for up to twenty people.
  • Library and reading room.
  • Lounge


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The CEF is in Temamatla in the State of Mexico 50 kms east of the center of Mexico City and 35 kms from Mexico City Airport.  It has the advantage of being close to Mexico City but in the countryside.

Lodging is comfortable but modest:

  • Private rooms with bath
  • A large garden and pool
  • Lounge and dining room
  • Three meals a day; coffee and tea available at all times

Reasonable prices according to agreements with institutions, researches, students or type of projects. Send us an email for details.3683 - CEF - Miranda - 1440px3679 - CEF - Miranda - 1440px

Para más información consulta la sección de Contacto.

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Author’s Library

José Porfirio Miranda collected, over more than thirty years, his personal work and research library. This author’s library contains over three thousand volumes devoted to Philosophy. CEF Miranda offers researchers all over the world access to this book collection. The books in the library are being re-classified along the lines of the Library of Congress.

The catalog will be available in 2007.